Using an Affordable, User-Friendly, Textbook-Agnostic Homework System to Reach Every Student

Presenter: Sid Grover, Edfinity

Summary: We present a bouquet of diverse case studies showcasing educators who developed low-cost online homework using Edfinity, an open, WeBWorK- compatible homework system supports by the NSF (Award #1758301). Leveraging Edfinity’s community-contributed and peer-reviewed WeBWorK problem repository, educators assembled ‘textbook-agnostic’ homework mapped to both publisher and OER textbooks, thereby ‘unbundling’ expensive textbook/homework bundles offered by commercial publishers and pairing quality online homework with any publisher/OER textbook of choice. The case studies also demonstrate collaboration and reuse of assessments withing and across institutional boundaries using Edfinity’s centrally hosted architecture. These efforts have increased equitable access for students at these institutions.