Friday Workshop Led by Dr. Maria Andersen: Strategies for Active Learning and Assessment (with Desmos)

A few semesters ago, I shifted completely away from graphing calculators and to the free Desmos app as the graphing and calculation technology for math classes. The students are far more comfortable and happier with Desmos but it does require shifts in classroom management, learning activities, and assessment. With technology that feels more natural to students, we can do much more exploration, focus on reasonability, and creation of real-world models (search for GraphsInTheWorld for a few examples). This focus of this workshop is on active learning, relevant learning, and assessment strategies. We’ll simply use Desmos as the common base technology for the activities. If you’ve only dabbled with Desmos or have never opened it, you’ll be fine – we start from scratch.

Workshop: Active Learning and Assessment with Desmos
If you are interested in using the Contemporary Algebra Curriculum in a course, it will be OER (curriculum and videos). Please contact Maria if you are interested:
Photo of Maria Andersen
Photo of Maria Andersen

Bio: Dr. Andersen has spent most of her career teaching mathematics at the college level. In the last decade, she has become extremely active in the use of technology in learning. She built iPad games to teach algebra, launched the Canvas Network MOOC platform, built adaptive learning platforms used by McGraw Hill, and worked as the Director of Learning Design for WGU. As a professor, Dr. Andersen was president of MichMATYC, the Professional Development Coordinator for AMATYC, the Director of the MCC Math & Technology Workshop , and wrote the “Teaching with Tech” column for MAA Focus. Maria is a software designer, an author, a speaker, and the CEO of Coursetune. She holds degrees in Math, Chemistry, Biology, Business Administration, and Higher Education Leadership.